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It's so easy to use, and with all of these options you can't fall back on any excuses.

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Easy to use and loaded with options, ESE Magazine allows your newsletter to be as voluminous or as streamlined as you prefer.

  • Articles: are just the beginning. Add your newsletter stories simply by copying and pasting them from any other program. ESE Magazine allows you to sort and display your articles in any order.
  • Photos/Graphics: can be as simple as article insertion. No need to worry about file sizes or slow loading graphics, ESE Magazine converts your file sizes for you to keep your newsletter in efficient, manageable proportion.
  • Archives: are always available for your readers to look into so they may enjoy back issues of your newsletter. This area can be Password Protected to give it a “members only” exclusivity.
  • Send to a Friend: lets your readers email your newsletter to another address with a single click.

  • Printer Friendly Version: will bring a particular article that interests your reader into a separate window. This article can then be printed as its own document without capturing all the surrounding articles and information.
  • Members Only Options: makes your newsletter more exclusive by allowing only members with passwords access to view the contents. ESE Magazine will auto respond with an email containing a password when the user subscribes to your newsletter.
  • Easy Subscribe/Unsubscribe: means no tracking or verifying responses on your part. As new subscriptions come in, ESE Magazine will notify you and all subscribing email addresses are automatcially added to the ESE Magazine database. An Auto Response message of your design can be added to welcome new subscribers.
  • Email to Existing Database: can be implemented if you already have a customer database and you would like those customers to receive your newsletter. Simply upload the database before sending out your ESE Magazine newsletter and your informational, eye-pleasing, reader-friendly comminique will be on its way to everyone in your database.

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