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This feature adds a new element of effectiveness to your already powerful website -- COMMUNICATION!

free demoAdd the element of Communication to your already powerful website!

ESE Magazine allows you to stay in contact with your customers, not only by offering a newsletter format with dynamic features but by making those features readily changeable and easily maintained by you. Subscription management, article and issue organization, information archives and even the email distribution of your newsletter are all included in the magazine package. Your main focus will be on which articles to run. ESE Magazine will do the rest.

Your website customers will receive a visually appealing, timely newsletter as frequently as you wish, where they will be able to forward information to friends, print particularly intriguing pages, view archives of past newsletters or even unsubscribe. Your newsletter is a perfect vehicle for announcing promotions and special events, employment opportunities, website links or anything else you would like to share with subscribers.

Any business, no matter what its speciality,
can benefit from the features presented by ESE Magazine.

ESE Magazine offers the opportunity to keep in touch with those who have visited your website and to keep your name fresh in their minds. Maintaining a website doesn’t have to be a one-way street. Not when ESE Magazine can bring communication full circle.

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