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Be PROACTIVE! Send information to your customers and clients instead of waiting for them to come back to you.

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Acknowledge your customers and clients and keep the lines of communication open.

ESE Magzine has made the creation and distribution of an attractive online newsletter an easy, no-hassle task. Reader-friendly options such as story archives and printable article versions make the finished product a welcome one. Your newsletter will be: 

  • Anticipated -- Because your customers voluntarily subscribe to it, you know your newsletter is being read. Subscribers want to know about your specials and promotions as soon as they are available and will no doubt pay heed to any articles that you provide. Statistics show that if your newsletter contains quality content, people will read it. <article tips>
  • Flexible -- Newsletters will go out only when you are ready for them to be distributed. You can work on your articles and content until you are comfortable with it, then send it. No deadlines, no pressure. Entered articles are saved and can be edited at a later time.
  • In Touch with Old News (which is good news) -- All of your newsletters are archived and easily retrieved. This is an especially useful feature for your readers is you offer “tips and tricks” or “how-to” articles.
  • Email Friendly -- Your ESE Magazine newsletter is not registered as SPAM so it will not antagonize any filters your customers may use. Customers are able to unsubscribe from receiving your newsletter at any time.

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* What is ESE?
"ESE" stands for Easy Site Editor. This program allows you to create an interactive website and easily maintain its content through a website interface. There are no programs to buy or learn. With ESE, your website content can be administered by your or your staff from the convenience of any computer with internet access. If your site requires frequent changes of any kind, ESE can save you money by eliminating web designer maintenance fees for years to come.

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