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Send information that your subscribers want to read. Create a Newsletter that your subscribers eagerly wait for.

  • Catchy Headlines
    Create a headline for your article that piques the reader's interest. Avoid using mundane or overused phrases such as "new and improved" or "hot off the press". Grab the reader's attention by using words that catch the eye. Or put your headline in the form of a question.
  • Offer Your Subscribers Something Special
    Whether it's a special discount, new items just off the truck, or helpful tips, offer your subscribers information that they cannot get from your website or other advertising. Your subscribers will be much more likely to read the entire newsletter if you offer them "members only" news.
  • A Little Fun Never Hurt
    Flesh out your newsletter with a cartoon, riddle or joke. You can also include a holiday or seasonal Q&A article. Post the answers at the bottom of the newsletter as a separate article. This will keep the reader searching through the entire newsletter for the answers.
  • Send the Newsletter on a Regular Basis
    After your subscribers get accustomed to receiving your newsletter they will begin to look for its arrival. Make sure that you send your newsletters on a regular basis, whether that is weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. Just remember, the more your readers view the newsletter, the more likely they will be to visit your website and your storefront.
  • Keep it Short
    People read newsletters to get news. Long textbook-style descriptions or recitation of fact will almost assuredly bore your readers. Keep in mind your target group of readers, their general interests, etc. This will help you delineate how far you can go with technical information. For example, what's interesting and easily understood by an accountant may not be a clear or gripping read for a professional chef.

  • Avoid Bad Repetition
    Your readers will anticipate and even look forward to certain features of your newsletter. Such things as members' birthdays, a recurring opinion column or a calendar of events are welcome additions. However, if your articles become retreads, stressing the same points or subjects month after month, your readers will soon tire of the content. Try to add variety to your subject matter. Keep the angles fresh.

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